Our services

We offer services in innovation and digital transformation. We bring new technologies to traditional companies so they can keep being competitive and profitable.

We identify and develop the best solution based on the needs of each customer.

The challenges of our customers are also our challenges. Because of that, we tackle the digitalization of each business from a personalized perspective. We offer a technological implementation and corporate transformation especially designed for each company.

Our team receives continuous training to know the latest technological and business innovations and thus be able to offer a service that responds to the real needs of today’s market.


We work with companies for the benefit of people. We analyze our actions so they will always generate positive impacts on society.


We protect our environment, striving to have good impacts on the environment and on people’s health. We actively design strategies to contribute with our actions to live in a better planet.


We actively look for strategies that contribute to equality, equity and gender diversity in our team and our strategic allies.

Technological products

Bistrom is the first gamified digital menu for bars and restaurants, which has come to revolutionize the customer experience in a safe and fun way.

View the dishes before placing your order, play, accumulate and win!

HappyJob.app  is our dedicated portal to give companies the tools they need to find happiness in the work of their employees, thus improving attraction and retaining the best talent in key positions. What are you waiting for! Make important decisions to make your team happier, based on data.

RealVut is a digital platform that connects real estate, construction, financial, decoration companies and buyers, in a market with VR, AR and other Industry 4.0 technologies.

Real estate buyers have the possibility of visiting several properties exclusively, in a short time, without having to travel. Likewise, you will be able to visualize modifications in interior design, decoration and furniture in real time, thus personalizing your possible purchase from anywhere in the world.

GameVut is a gamified business diagnostic tool that measures aspects related to digital maturity, the organizational climate and the culture of change, thus detecting specific opportunities for improvement, training and innovation.

We use gamification techniques and AR and 4.0 technologies to ensure that the collection of information is fun, educational, reliable and motivating.

We improve jobs and optimize processes by playing to make our clients more and more competitive.

At MarvutCare we use new technologies to care for people in need. We offer a comprehensive monitoring and remote assistance service through the use of Artificial Intelligence and IoT in the same integrable platform.
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